First Steps & Delivery Terms

First Steps & Delivery Terms

We're happy you decided to start shipping with Zenfulfillment!

We're keen to convert the shipping and return process to a smooth & convenient experience. We work every day for this goal and now that you're on board we're thrilled to be able to grow together with you.

This guide will help you to have an idea of what the next steps are and how your first inventory shipment to us should look like.

We want to make sure that all your questions are clarified. If you still have any questions feel free to contact our Customer Success Team and your personal Account Manager at any time.

We're excited about the joint future - Let's start!

- your Zenfulfillment Team

Start with Zenfulfillment

1. Sign Up & Account Set-Up

  • Sign up for free here
  • Connect your shop, marketplace or ERP system. Here you will find all the necessary guides
  • Fill in your billing address here and give us permission over the SEPA Lastschriftmandat (Direct Debit) here
    • Payments will be withdrawn based on our billing periods by our payment partner GoCardless

2. Delivery & Terms

c/o ZF012345678 (e.g. Reference number inventory shipment)
Tor 19/20/21 
Sülzenbrücker Str. 7
D-99192 Apfelstädt 

Requirement for a direct storage of packages & pallets » Exclusion of single scan

  • Direct storage of packages & pallets 
    • 60x40x40cm » Maximum dimension per package 
    • 180cm » Maximum height per pallet CCGII 
    • 1 SKU per package or pallet » If the package unit contains several SKUs we have to scan each item individually 
    • Clear labeling of package units
      • " ZFXXXXXXXX "
      • " SKU: XX-XXX-XX "
      • " # of SKUs: 1 "
      • " # of Units: X "
      • " Box: X / Y " - " Pallet: X / Y "

Delivery by carrier 

  • Notification upfront via Mail is necessary:
    • Mo-Fr 06 AM to 2 PM
    • A notification must be sent at least 48 h before the planned delivery time
    • Essential Information
      • Desired delivery time
      • Number of pallets
  • Fees for manual processing » billed hourly
  • Deliveries without a vehicle capable of ramping can only be made in exceptional cases and only after consultation with Zenfulfillment. We reserve the right to refuse acceptance in the case of unregistered vehicles that are not capable of being ramped. 
  • In case of delivery on one-way or oversized pallets

Delivery terms

  • You've created an inventory shipment in your Dashboard prior to the delivery of your goods (Notification of the inbound shipment) 
    • Dashboard -> inventory shipment "New Inventory Shipment" or via CSV-Import (recommended in case of many SKUs). You can find the CSV template here
  • All products are labeled with a barcode 
    • In order to guarantee reliable processing, all products have to be labeled with a barcode. We support all common barcode types as EA, Code128, UPS, and co. Avoid several barcodes on one single item. 
    • If your products don't have a barcode label we can label your products during the inbound process as a special project. Nevertheless, we recommend the labeling coming already from your supplier. Feel free to contact your Account Manager in order to request this service. 
  • Each inbound unit (Package, pallet, or container) is labeled with the inventory shipment reference number (ZF012345678), as well as the SKUs and their quantity 
    • If your supplier can not provide the labeling ensure that the reference number is included in the delivery note or register the delivery note number prior to the delivery into your dashboard under the respective inventory shipment 
    • If we can not identify the quantity of SKUs and units on the package units we have to scan and count each item individually. This can lead to delay in the storage process 
  • The maximum dimensions for pallets are 120x80x180cm. If your delivered pallets don't meet those terms we have to re-pack your inbound as part of a special project which will lead to additional costs (billed by the hour)
  • Extra Tip: Also label the package units: "Package 1/25, Package 2/25..", "Pallet 1/18, Pallet 2/19.."
  • Extra Tip: Use Multi-level Packingmateiral/Systems: 10 units per packaging unit, 40 packaging units per pallet (..). Then create e.g. a variant per packaging unit and label it with its own barcode. This is a way to save costs of B2B orders or Pre-FBA shipping.

If your goods arrive we store them within 3 - 5 business days. You'll receive an email notification as soon as your goods are stored and the status of your inventory shipment switches to "stored". From this point on we start with the shipping. Please consider that it will take approx. 2 - 3 hours until the stock synchronizes in your dashboard - however, we might have already started shipping. 

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