WooCommerce Integration Guide

Please make sure that you created an account at Zenfulfillment before following the steps below. Signup here.

Without further ado, let’s begin:

First of all, to properly synchronize with Zenfulfillment we need you to specify the SKU and Barcode on every product in WooCommerce. Each SKU code must be unique, on a product and varaint level.

If you don't have a barcode yet, you can leave it empty. However, the SKU is required as we map products with their SKU upon order import.   

Go to the Product Edit Page, and in the section "Product data", choose "Inventory" and fill in the data marked in blue.

As you can see, the sku and the barcode are separated by a comma  ,   and have to be indicated in the SKU field. The reason is that WooCommerce does not have a barcode property on its own.
After this is completed, orders will be correctly mapped with the product in our system and later in the distribution center.
SKU examples:
Let's take a tanktop shirt as an example. SKUs for all variants could be "Tanktop-S" / "Tanktop-M" / "Tanktop-L". If you have multiple colors, the SKU could look like this: "Tanktop-S-Black" / "Tanktop-M-Black" / "Tanktop-L-Black"-
Important note: An SKU is a unique identifier among all products & variants. If you have i.e. different tanktop styles, the SKU of its variants can not be the same.

API Keys & connection

Step 1) To get your API keys please follow the this guide from WooCommerce.

Remember to assign the user role "Shop-Manager".

Step 2) Now let’s connect your shop to Zenfulfillment!

In the Zenfulfillment dashboard go to Settings > My Stores

Click Activate on WooCommerce:

Fill in the details with the keys you got from the WooCommerce guide:

For example:

  • Shop url: https://yourshop.com
  • Consumer key: ck_1928373923984913847361384
  • Consumer secret: cs_91238242483248237584234

Click connect and you are done! If the connection is successful you should see a green notification on the top right corner.

If the connection fails with a red message please send your WooCommerce Shop address, and credentials (consumer key and consumer secret) to support@zenfulfillment.com

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