Shopware Integration Guide

First we’ll get the necessary data from Shopware, then we’ll connect your store with Zenfulfillment, this is very straightforward and should only take around 5 minutes! Please make sure that you created an account at Zenfulfillment before following the steps below. Signup here.

Without further ado, let’s begin:

Step 1) Simply open the Shopware backend and open the User Administration window, under Settings. From the list of existing users displayed on this window, select Edit for the desired user and mark the enabled checkbox in the API Access section.

You will get a randomly generated API access key, please note those values down.

Step 2) Now let’s connect your store to Zenfulfillment!

In the Zenfulfillment dashboard go to Settings > My Stores

Click Activate on Shopware:

Fill in the details with the keys you got from the steps above:

Click connect and you are done! If the connection is successful you should see a green notification on the top right corner.

If the connection fails with a red message please contact

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