Shopify Install Guide

We are happy that you have chosen Zenfulfillment as your fulfillment partner for your Shopify store.

In the following we will show you how to successfully connect your Shopify store to Zenfulfillment.
Important note: You can easily connect your Shopify store and test our dashboard. We will not sync data (inventory, order updates) until your account is approved for shipping. We'll activate your account as soon as we receive your first inventory shipment.
1. Login to your Shopify Admin interface

2. Under the left Sidebar, select "Apps"

3. Go on "App and sales channel setting"

4. Scroll down and click on "Develop apps for your store"

5. Go on "Create an app" and give it the name "Zenfulfillment"

6. Click on "Configure Admin API scopes"

7. Select the following ADMIN API access scopes

  • write_orders / read_orders
  • write_third_party_fulfillment_orders / read_third_party_fulfillment_orders
  • write_fulfillments / read_fulfillments
  • write_inventory / read_inventory
  • write_products / read_products
  • write_returns / read_returns
  • write_locations / read_locations
  • write_shipping / read_shipping
  • write_merchant_managed_fulfillment_orders / read_merchant_managed_fulfillment_orders
  • write_assigned_fulfillment_orders / read_assigned_fulfillment_orders
  • write_custom_fulfillment_services / read_custom_fulfillment_services
  • write_delivery_customizations / read_delivery_customizations

IMPORTANT: Make sure you save your changes in the upper right corner!

After saving it the configuration should look like this

8. Click on "Install App" and confirm the pop up.

9. Go to API Credentials tab and copy the revealed Admin API access token. It is important to notice that this will be revealed only once so make sure you save it.

The API access token and the API Key and secret key are required to connect Shopify to Zenfulfillment in the final step.
10. Enter the information in your ZEN Account under "Account" in the left sidebar after clicking on the button "Activate" within the integration selection.

That's it - you are done :)

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