CSV API Documentation


Authentication and identification to the Zenfulfillment API are done by providing an API Key on every request as your Basic Auth username (no password is required). Zenfulfillment requires that all communication with the API is secured using TLS v1.2. (Requests made over HTTP or without a proper API Key will fail)

You can request your API Keys at support@zenfulfillment.com

Treat your API Keys as passwords & keep them secret. API Keys give full read/write access to your account, so they should not be included in public repositories, emails, client-side code, etc.

cURL Authorization example:

curl https://api.zenfulfillment.com/orders/import -H 'Authorization: ZF-API <API-TOKEN-HERE>':

POST /orders/import

Post a CSV File containing all orders to import.

Download Sample File: Order Data

Example Request:

curl https://api.zenfulfillment.com/orders/import -F 'file=@orders-test.csv;type=text/csv' -H 'Authorization: ZF-API <API-TOKEN-HERE>'

GET /orders/export

Exports a CSV File containing all orders that match the filters.

Download Sample File: Order Export Data

Example Request: 

curl https://api.zenfulfillment.com/orders/export -H 'Authorization: ZF-API <API-TOKEN-HERE>'


  • createdAtMin - in ISO8601 format. Show orders created at or after date.
  • createdAtMax - in ISO8601 format Show orders created at or before date.
  • updatedAtMin - in ISO8601 format Show orders last updated at or after date.
  • updatedAtMax - in ISO8601 format Show orders last updated at or before date.
  • page - the default page is 1, you can paginate specifying 2, 3, etc.
  • perPage - the default limit is 10 results per page, you can specify 20, 30, up to 50 max.
  • q - this is for searching, you can search by any value, and the search will automatically search across many order data points, (shipping address like street, city, country, zip code, customer name, order number or zf number)
  • status - you can filter for a specific status. the allowed values are: UNKNOWN, NOT_PAID, INVALID_ADDRESS, PENDING, PROCESSING, PICKED, PACKING, PACKED, SHIPPED, CANCELLED. Note: You can only filter by 1 status at a time.

You can combine all previous parameters together if you need.

Example Request:

curl https://api.zenfulfillment.com/orders/export?updatedAtMin=2019-12-31T00:00:00.000Z&page=2&perPage=30&q=Markus&status=PENDING -H 'Authorization: ZF-API <API-TOKEN-HERE>'

This example will export all orders with the following filters:

- update date greater or equal to 2019-12-31T00:00:00.000Z
- status PENDING
- up to 30 results per page
- page 2 results
- orders matching the customer "Markus"

POST /products/import

Post a CSV containing all products that shall be created.

Download Sample File: Product Data

Example Request: 

curl https://api.zenfulfillment.com/products/import -F 'file=@products-test.csv;type=text/csv' -H 'Authorization: ZF-API <API-TOKEN-HERE>'

GET /products/export

Exports a CSV File containing all products stock levels.

Download Sample File: Stock Levels

Example Request:

curl https://api.zenfulfillment.com/products/export -H 'Authorization: ZF-API <API-TOKEN-HERE>'

POST /inventory_shipments/import

Post a CSV containing all inventory shipments that shall be created.

Download Sample File: Inventory Shipment

Example Request: 

curl https://api.zenfulfillment.com/inventory_shipment/import -F 'file=@inv_shipment-test.csv;type=text/csv' -H 'Authorization: ZF-API <API-TOKEN-HERE>'

GET /returns/export

Exports a CSV file containing all available returns matching the specified filters.

Example Request: 

curl https://api.zenfulfillment.com/returns/export -H 'Authorization: ZF-API <API-TOKEN-HERE>'

Example request:

curl https://api.zenfulfillment.com/api/returns/export?from=2019-09-30T22:00:00.000Z&to=2019-10-10T14:45:02.408Z -H 'Authorization: ZF-API <API-TOKEN-HERE>'

Search returns

- You can also export all returns that match a certain search query, for example:

curl https://api.zenfulfillment.com/api/returns/export?q=John -H 'Authorization: ZF-API <API-TOKEN-HERE>'

- Export returns that are both limited by a search query and by date rage:

curl https://api.zenfulfillment.com/api/returns/export?q=John&from=2019-09-30T22:00:00.000Z&to=2019-10-10T14:45:02.408Z -H 'Authorization: ZF-API <API-TOKEN-HERE>'

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