CSV API: How to set up targeted marketing inserts

Sometimes, you may want to include a coupon, insert, or other small item on a specific group of orders. Since these aren't conventional marketing inserts that are attached to every order, they have to be scanned during packing to ensure high operational accuracy levels. Targeted marketing inserts can be combined with common inserts, and come along with a separate pricing.

Setting Up Targeted Marketing Inserts

1. Create all required inserts as a product in your Account

Add one SKU per marketing insert including its barcode in Zenfulfillment. 

Important: Please make sure to use the prefix "TMI" in the SKU.

2. Operational warehousing set up through our operations team (2-3 working days)

First, send a list of the created SKUs to your Zenfulfillment Account Manager. 

Our warehousing team will then set up all inserts in their respective insert boxes on our packing stations.

Subject: Setting up targeted marketing inserts


3. Go-Live

After our confirmation of the operational set up, you can start by simply adding them as a product position in your order data.

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